"Greg Hardy" についての発言

2016-04-08 00:03 (2年以上前)
Washington Post @washingtonpost
ESPN’s Adam Schefter has one regret about Greg Hardy interview: Saying he "changed" https://t.co/E3db3ZyhMy
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2016-04-07 16:23 (2年以上前)
Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost
Michelle Beadle said what all of us were thinking about ESPN's Greg Hardy interview https://t.co/Q2DXjhcCtw https://t.co/EId02ziZgG
Michelle Beadle Says What We're All Thinking About ESPN's Greg Hardy Interview
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2015-12-11 13:51 (2年半以上前)
Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost
Steve Tisch: Giants' anti-domestic violence message "not connected" to Greg Hardy https://t.co/tzwKPSkqQV https://t.co/wv5S2v5swF
Steve Tisch: Giants' Anti-Domestic Violence Message 'Not Connected' To Greg Hardy
2015-11-13 23:28 (2年半以上前)
ChicagoSports @ChicagoSports
In Greg Hardy case, Cowboys should emulate fortitude of Missouri athletes, via @DavidHaugh: https://t.co/kQMg6Xy6BI https://t.co/DG97cCXCVB
@DavidHaugh David Haugh
In Greg Hardy case, Cowboys should emulate fortitude of Missouri athletes - Chicago Tribune
2015-11-13 16:10 (2年半以上前)
Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost
Greg Hardy's lawyer claims that Nicole Holder "tripped" and fell into the bathtub that night https://t.co/VQ4rQJG2sX https://t.co/aSCLXgIrR2
Greg Hardy's Lawyer Claims Holder 'Tripped' And Fell Into Bathtub
2015-11-13 03:02 (2年半以上前)
Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost
Texas sports anchor blasts Cowboys' Greg Hardy over Twitter bio https://t.co/NcAi7YjuuG https://t.co/YLiYduz9ia
Dale Hansen Calls Out Hardy For 'Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ Remark
2015-11-12 09:50 (2年半以上前)
Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost
Greg Hardy briefly changed his Twitter bio to something, uh, interesting https://t.co/rb42MeZp6C https://t.co/pf8YpkXJxO
Greg Hardy Briefly Changed His Twitter Bio To Something, Uh, Interesting
2015-11-12 01:00 (2年半以上前)
Fox News Originals @FoxNewsLive
.@tamaraholder: Why won't #NFL players speak out about Greg Hardy? | https://t.co/a7IFthgD82 https://t.co/nSdNoBgFVb
2015-11-11 04:43 (2年半以上前)
Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost
Congressman wants to review NFL domestic violence policies in wake of Greg Hardy photos https://t.co/ffPjoxs0D3 https://t.co/oQK1Qn2AGh
Congressman Wants To Review NFL Domestic Violence Policies In Wake Of Greg Hardy Photos
2015-11-10 21:42 (2年半以上前)
Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost
Ray Rice says we shouldn't need photos to understand Greg Hardy's story. He's right https://t.co/sSYUPt2io2 https://t.co/399uiyFACL
We Shouldn’t Have Needed Photos To Understand Greg Hardy’s Violence
2015-11-10 08:36 (2年半以上前)
Cowboys getting flack for decision to play Greg Hardy after domestic violence allegations: https://t.co/lpeiNMI0T5 https://t.co/NF8sLycPAX
Outrage at a Fever Pitch Over Cowboys' Decision to Play Greg Hardy - ABC News
ABCニュース (ABC News) は、アメリカ合衆国アメリカン・ブロードキャスティング・カンパニーのニュース番組制作子会社。 (出典:Wikipedia)
2015-11-09 11:29 (2年半以上前)
Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost
Greg Hardy's domestic violence record has been erased in the eyes of the law https://t.co/smtihzA0N0 https://t.co/eJg9gQAmVM
Greg Hardy’s Domestic Violence Record Expunged By Judge
2015-11-09 07:57 (2年半以上前)
Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost
ESPN reporter blasts Cowboys' sponsors after Greg Hardy report https://t.co/4PRT2NFRXF https://t.co/SvAVwvvwQK
ESPN Reporter Blasts Cowboys' Sponsors After Greg Hardy Revelations
2015-11-08 15:41 (2年半以上前)
The Associated Press @AP
Dallas Cowboys' Greg Hardy tweets 'regret' day after photos emerge from domestic violence case: https://t.co/OprC2gGy8R
Hardy tweets 'regret' over domestic violence case
AP通信(えーぴーつうしん、Associated Press)は、世界的な通信網を持つアメリカ合衆国の大手通信社。 (出典:Wikipedia)
2015-11-08 06:37 (2年半以上前)
Washington Post @washingtonpost
NFL saw photos before suspending Greg Hardy; source says Cowboys didn’t see them before signing https://t.co/VcYbCuTLhX
2015-11-08 00:09 (2年半以上前)
Washington Post @washingtonpost
NFL saw photos before suspending Greg Hardy; source says Cowboys didn’t see them before signing https://t.co/g5WaXDdxRr
2015-11-07 14:47 (2年半以上前)
Fox News @FoxNews
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones backs Greg Hardy after photos of his alleged victim surface https://t.co/Rm3Tds1dTB https://t.co/IvCrpcSe6j
Cowboys owner backs Hardy after photos of his alleged victim surface | Fox News
FOXニュース(FOX News Channel、以下FNC)はアメリカのニュース専門放送局である。1996年にメディア王のルパート・マードック所有のニューズ・コーポレーションが、当時NBCの経営者ロジャー・アイレスを社長にして設立した。 (出典:Wikipedia)
2015-11-07 14:26 (2年半以上前)
Huffington Post @HuffingtonPost
Jerry Jones stands by Greg Hardy after Deadspin article https://t.co/gQFuawqVJa https://t.co/3m214H6LaC
Jerry Jones Stands By Greg Hardy After Deadspin Article
2015-11-07 11:49 (2年半以上前)
AP Sports @AP_Sports
Jerry Jones backs Cowboys' Greg Hardy after release of photos from domestic violence case: https://t.co/dNCz6N5gzK https://t.co/dX9DDzQsvi
Jerry Jones backs Hardy as photos surface in domestic case | Pro32: Head to Head
2015-11-07 05:42 (2年半以上前)
AOL Sports @AOLSports
New photos from Greg Hardy's domestic assault have been uncovered: https://t.co/cr1PcjWH34 https://t.co/TwmsSWdGBI