"Auburn baseball" についての発言

2011-04-28 15:07 (2年半以上前)
Tyler Lahti @tylerlahti
Scary night across the state. Sirens went off right after the #Auburn baseball game. Glad my Ttown friends are okay. Thoughts go out to all
2011-04-28 07:40 (2年半以上前)
Tyler Lahti @tylerlahti
Hour to hour forecast looks alright for #Auburn. Guess I'm heading to the baseball game.
2011-04-28 07:15 (2年半以上前)
Tyler Lahti @tylerlahti
Am I going to get sucked up by a tornado if I go to the #Auburn baseball game tonight? It's really windy.
2011-04-27 08:51 (2年半以上前)
Tyler Lahti @tylerlahti
Maybe #Auburn will start playing baseball for real in the 4th inning.
2011-03-14 04:44 (2年半以上前)
J. Wayne Clark @JWayneClark
I bet he learned to fight in the 1st grade- “@AndrewSalser: Auburn Baseball has a player named Cullen Wacker. #WIN”