"Earthquake" についての発言

2017-11-14 06:32 (半年以上前)
ABC News Politics @ABCPolitics
NEW: U.S. State Dept. "expresses sincere condolences" to those affected by earthquake near Iraq-Iran border; more t… https://t.co/gBbYOmwVl1
2017-11-14 05:15 (半年以上前)
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish
Iran-Iraq earthquake: Rescuers in race for survivors as death tolls reaches 450 https://t.co/Rme3KRlnfH https://t.co/2DN3hfKgqw
アルジャジーラ(アラビア語: الجزيرة‎ 、「アルジャジーラ衛星チャンネル」、قناة الجزيرة الفضائية‎)は、アラビア語と英語でニュース等を24時間放送している衛星テレビ局。本社はカタール・ドーハにある。 (出典:Wikipedia)
2017-11-14 04:42 (半年以上前)
JUST IN: Preliminary 4.7-magnitude earthquake strikes near Gonzales, California, USGS reports. https://t.co/W1YwH88z7r
ABCニュース (ABC News) は、アメリカ合衆国アメリカン・ブロードキャスティング・カンパニーのニュース番組制作子会社。 (出典:Wikipedia)
2017-11-14 04:04 (半年以上前)
Al Jazeera News @AJENews
Death toll in earthquake that hit Iran and Iraq has reached more than 450 https://t.co/8O22M2Dnpv https://t.co/Ytcq9FjS3X
2017-11-14 03:42 (半年以上前)
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish
Twitter erupts after Iran-Iraq earthquake https://t.co/oPUH56Lgyu https://t.co/2rhsYAhTZ6
2017-06-22 09:37 (半年以上前)
The Associated Press @AP
Report of 6.8 magnitude earthquake in California is false alarm based on 1925 quake. https://t.co/JCnyQtM7IP
AP通信(えーぴーつうしん、Associated Press)は、世界的な通信網を持つアメリカ合衆国の大手通信社。 (出典:Wikipedia)
2017-05-11 15:13 (1年以上前)
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish
At least eight people killed and more than 20 injured in 5.5-magnitude earthquake that hit China's Xinjiang region… https://t.co/F3xoih8GgY
2017-03-20 05:30 (1年以上前)
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish
"We felt as if it was an earthquake." The floods currently devastating Peru. https://t.co/G2YVYHQfN6
2017-03-04 01:29 (1年以上前)
AP Central U.S. @APCentralRegion
Oklahoma tribe sues oil companies claiming their wastewater injection practices triggered damaging earthquake.… https://t.co/A63ZQsRjjj
2017-02-28 16:49 (1年以上前)
地震速報 @earthquake_jp
【速報LV1】28日 16時49分頃 福島県沖(N37.5/E141.4)(推定)にて M5.7(推定)の地震が発生。 震源の深さは推定55.1km。( https://t.co/XbQ6Z8w3V2 ) #saigai #jishin #earthquake
地震速報-震源情報:141.4/37.5 (M5.7 55.1km)
2017-02-10 23:50 (1年以上前)
The Associated Press @AP
A strong earthquake shakes the southern Philippines, but no major damage was immediately reported. https://t.co/1T3enI0HuJ
6.5 magnitude earthquake shakes southern Philippines
2017-02-07 14:58 (1年以上前)
国土地理院応用地理部 @gsi_oyochiri
【#国土地理院 ・ #熊本地震 】 国土地理院報告(英文)に、応用地理部の対応(Responses of Geographic Department to the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake)を掲載しています… https://t.co/Z730Ekvvj8
2017-02-06 07:09 (1年以上前)
The Associated Press @AP
After Brexit and Trump, France's Le Pen aims to spring next election earthquake. https://t.co/8wIwuLfv18 https://t.co/cOXKK9K4mx
2017-02-01 08:00 (1年以上前)
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish
US embassy relocation to Jerusalem will lead to a political earthquake, analysts say https://t.co/VQhJQ6nZy0 https://t.co/PrRJZuKBVl
US embassy relocation to Jerusalem 'a war crime' | | Al Jazeera
2017-01-26 12:01 (1年以上前)
Mount Everest may have shrunk following the 2015 Nepal earthquake https://t.co/6dcJDe6rv3 https://t.co/rKmkh72uvL
Mount Everest: Scientists to measure height after Nepal earthquake - CNN.com
CNN(シーエヌエヌ)は、アメリカ合衆国のケーブルテレビ向けのニュース専門放送局。正式名称はCable News Network(ケーブルニュースネットワーク)。 (出典:Wikipedia)
2017-01-25 00:32 (1年以上前)
FIFA.com @FIFAcom
99% of homes in some areas of Nepal were destroyed by 2015 earthquake @ChildreachNepal use football to help recovery https://t.co/aHPcEksi2R
国際サッカー連盟(こくさいサッカーれんめい、仏: Fédération Internationale de Football Association[† 1])は、サッカー(アソシエーション式フットボール)の国際統括団体。略称はFIFA(フランス語発音: [fifa] フィファ、英語発音: /ˈfiːfə/ フィーファ)。本部はスイスのチューリッヒにおかれている。 (出典:Wikipedia)
2017-01-19 17:30 (1年以上前)
Al Jazeera English @AJEnglish
Several people have died after a ski hotel was buried by an avalanche in earthquake-hit central Italy. https://t.co/pZzqu1NU51
Italy earthquake: 'Many dead' in avalanche-hit hotel | Italy News | Al Jazeera
2017-01-19 17:14 (1年以上前)
Al Jazeera News @AJENews
Italy earthquake: 'Many dead' in avalanche-hit hotel https://t.co/wiCsZYbVwn https://t.co/ZYJFVXnbjW
Italy earthquake: 'Many dead' in avalanche-hit hotel | Italy News | Al Jazeera
2017-01-13 04:01 (1年以上前)
The Associated Press @AP
AP PHOTOS: Horse riding improves life for 9-year-old boy who lost a leg in Haiti's 2010 earthquake. https://t.co/79EHwOmVhP
2017-01-13 00:01 (1年以上前)
AP Archive @AP_Archive
#OTD In 2010, #Haiti was struck by a magnitude-7 earthquake https://t.co/Cx9d8bom62 https://t.co/egY02OcX7e