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2016-08-08 22:52 (1年半以上前)
Buffalo Bills @buffalobills
Marcell Dareus, Sammy Watkins and Kyle Williams have been cleared to practice! https://t.co/MuIFo1Vnq7 https://t.co/DRSFljLUfq
2016-07-29 23:10 (1年半以上前)
Buffalo Bills @buffalobills
Sammy Watkins, reporting for duty.
2016-06-21 11:15 (1年半以上前)
Sammy Watkins expects to be ready for @buffalobills training camp: https://t.co/itJVlUCsUl https://t.co/C419xsVpW9
@buffalobills Buffalo Bills
Sammy Watkins expects to be ready for training camp - NFL.com
ナショナル・フットボール・リーグ(英語: National Football League, NFL)は、アメリカ合衆国で最上位に位置するプロアメリカンフットボールリーグである。1920年に、アメリカン・プロフェッショナル・フットボール・アソシエーション(英語: American Professional Football Association, APFA)として4チームにより発足し、2年後の1922年に、現在の名称であるナショナル・フットボール・リーグ(以下、NFL)に正式に改名した。 (出典:Wikipedia)
2016-06-05 05:15 (2年以上前)
3-way QB battle in Denver? Sammy Watkins' return cloudy? 9 things we learned at AFC #OTAs: https://t.co/9qjbFYg52G https://t.co/tGmzWLpPJl
Nine things we learned from this week's AFC OTAs - NFL.com
2016-05-17 07:08 (2年以上前)
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet
Sammy Watkins had foot surgery to insert a screw from Dr Robert Anderson in NC more than 3 weeks ago, which adds optimism to his recovery.
2016-05-17 06:00 (2年以上前)
Sammy Watkins suffers broken bone in foot: https://t.co/IcppxMmM8k (via @RapSheet) https://t.co/Kv3kqzxt8N
@RapSheet Ian Rapoport
Sammy Watkins suffers small broken bone in foot - NFL.com
2016-05-17 05:27 (2年以上前)
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet
#Bills WR Sammy Watkins suffered a broken small bone in his foot & had a screw inserted, source said. Should be ready for training camp.
2016-04-19 08:54 (2年以上前)
NFL Fantasy Football @NFLfantasy
DeAndre Hopkins. Sammy Watkins. Martavis Bryant. This WR in the #NFLDraft could be next: https://t.co/7ccXjf81pt https://t.co/kFvS8TqlUk
Charone Peake the latest fantasy star from Clemson? - NFL.com
2016-03-29 08:20 (2年以上前)
CollegeFootball 24/7 @NFL_CFB
#NFLDraft prospect Vonn Bell of Ohio State wants rematch with @BuffaloBills' Sammy Watkins: https://t.co/ITm2NnPYuP https://t.co/pZurzwF4PS
@buffalobills Buffalo Bills
Vonn Bell | Oklahoma Drill
2016-01-04 05:10 (2年以上前)
If Sammy Watkins is going to escape from Revis Island, he might as well make a juggling 38-yard catch in the process https://t.co/bH8GUBlsrB
2015-12-21 06:06 (2年半以上前)
Safety help or no safety help, doesn't matter Once Sammy Watkins beats the cornerback on a double move -- it's over. https://t.co/g0WErHLraB
2015-12-21 05:19 (2年半以上前)
Down by 18? Launch it 48 yards and hope that Sammy Watkins makes a circus catch. *SAMMY WATKINS MAKES CIRCUS CATCH* https://t.co/JVYZYPnPhj
2015-12-14 03:31 (2年半以上前)
Sammy Watkins is going to win people fantasy leagues. 47-yard DEEP TD catch and he made it look easy. #BUFvsPHI https://t.co/4IjpBvEyMB
2015-12-07 05:13 (2年半以上前)
This is getting to be a little absurd: Tyrod Taylor + Sammy Watkins = 48-yard catch. Rinse & repeat. #HOUvsBUF https://t.co/S9R3UnEOuO
2015-12-07 04:18 (2年半以上前)
Are a catch and throw both allowed to be perfect? Sammy Watkins and Tyrod Taylor would say yes after this 53-yarder. https://t.co/auafZe4Gcz
2015-12-07 03:21 (2年半以上前)
Tyrod Taylor + Sammy Watkins are locked in and that's v. bad news for defenses. #Touchdown #HOUvsBUF https://t.co/GzC5O5oyn2
2015-11-30 06:45 (2年半以上前)
Have a Day, Sammy Watkins! #BUFvsKC https://t.co/3KPovcOeW2
2015-11-30 04:41 (2年半以上前)
Anyone gonna tell Sammy Watkins that it's only halftime? #BUFvsKC https://t.co/GsgNYFMvCC
2015-11-30 04:17 (2年半以上前)
Around The NFL @AroundTheNFL
Sammy Watkins up to 156 yards and 2 TDs in the first half. This would be a massive win in wild card race for Bills #BUFvsKC
2015-11-30 03:54 (2年半以上前)
The Chiefs D has been great and all but sometimes Sammy Watkins happens and 28 yards later...#Touchdown. #BUFvsKC https://t.co/0xTERY8Irq