"Nashville Weather" についての発言

2011-02-25 13:40 (2年半以上前)
Bob Patin @bobpatin
@TracyZeidler weather map shows all blue where you are... here the heaviest line has passed Nashville, but more heavy rain o come.
2011-02-12 01:38 (2年半以上前)
Tim Leffel @timleffel
@hamiddleton Thanks! Sounds like from your weather in Nashville I picked a good year to skip out to Mexico.
2011-01-19 15:20 (2年半以上前)
Kazuri Arai @krazury
@sam_n__ yes looking to be super cold - I was in Boston for 4.5years but I've been used to whimpy Nashville weather... haha it'll be great!
2010-12-08 23:49 (2年半以上前)
Nick Valentino @sirthomasriley
Somehow Nashville is basically frozen over. Not used to this cold weather.
2010-07-22 06:04 (2年半以上前)
KT Tunstall @KTTunstall
Ah, Nashville in July. Perfect weather for making the #stillaweirdo video. NOT! Potential YouTube moment - me on film, melting into a puddle
2009-08-24 23:40 (2年半以上前)
Gabe McCauley @gabemccauley
I guess I am getting old and sappy, but I really can't get enough of this perfect Nashville weather. Only Love Life.
2009-08-24 05:23 (2年半以上前)
Gabe McCauley @gabemccauley
Perfect weather, can't stop loving it. #Nashville