"The Glass Castle" についての発言

2016-07-17 06:30 (2年以上前)
Kindle @AmazonKindle
Summer days are long… just like our reading lists! Free sample of "The Glass Castle": https://t.co/cAPQ1pHNat https://t.co/kpC5syXQPL
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2011-04-28 04:29 (2年半以上前)
Simon & Schuster @simonschuster
Watch the lovely Jeannette Walls talk about THE GLASS CASTLE, HALF BROKE HORSES, #bookclubs and why we join them. http://cot.ag/mgwIEA
2011-04-20 11:51 (2年半以上前)
Jeff @jeffmorr16
@jacklyng21 wtf jackie... I'm reading the glass castle right now
2011-03-28 03:27 (2年半以上前)
Jeff @jeffmorr16
@jacklyng21 oh, i meant for the glass castle. sorry